News and announcements about the band

New concert: Godless Mountain Open Air 2021

When: 29 May 2021
Where: Godless Mountain - 02694 GroƟdubrau
Line-up: Apep, Black Thyria, Blakylle, Bowel Evacuation, Crashhammer, Domination Overload, Gorthrim, Hypothermie, In Demoni, Iron Blade, Lamporphyr, M.A.D., Menschenfresser, Mors Cordis, Musical Massacre, Nemesis Inferi, Octomoor, Panzerkreuzer, Pikodeath, Profanation, Pure Massacre, Revenge Attack, Saprobiontic, Schattenfang, Seconddeath, Spearhead, Spydor, Terrifying Parasites, Top Sekret

New drummer

Drummer Constantin left the band in summer 2020 and has been replaced by Alexander (former Mindreaper). There was no bad blood between Constantin, we parted amicably and wish him all the best on his further way!