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We are in the final round of the Metal Masters Band Contest 2021

The first round has been won! We thank our supporters as well as the jurors for their votes, with which we made it to the finals of the Metal Masters band contest this year. We are of course really happy!

How exactly the points were awarded and what the judges have said about the individual songs and bands can be seen in the german video of Der wahre Lukas.

The contest runs in cooperation with, NordMensch in Concerts and Metal Striker.

Blakylle in the first round of the Metal Masters band contest

Metal YouTuber Der wahre Lukas has started his own metal contest, in which we are also represented.

If you look in the YouTube comments, there is a comment with "HIER ABSTIMMEN FÜR: BLAKYLLE". If you like it you can vote for us. If we can't play gigs at the moment, we just have to pass the time like that.

Won first place in the public vote!

That would be done! We were able to prevail against 21 other bands in Hessen in the audience vote for the Time for Metal Underground Awards and, with your help, made first place for Hessen. Thank you to all of our supporters!

The overall winner will be determined by the Time for Metal team in the second phase, so you can keep your fingers crossed!

You can find the result of the audience vote in detail at Time for Metal.

Result of the Time for Metal Underground Award audience vote

New review in Legacy magazine issue #130

"... entweder man mag derlei Pagan Metal oder hasst ihn. Jene, die sich dafür begeistern können, werden bei BLAKYLLE fündig."

In the current issue #130 of Legacy magazine there is a german review of our album "Wo uralte Wasser fließen", which was rated with a solid 11/15 points. We thank Legacy you for that!

Legacy magazine #130

Blakylle on the third Pagan Spirit Compilation

At the end of the year, we are pleased to announce that we are represented at the third Pagan Spirit Compilation. The compilation is a collaboration between the Valkyries Webzine and Wappenschmied. There are a lot of international pagan bands represented. The whole thing is available for free in digital form on Bandcamp, although of course you can also donate a few bucks.

Have a listen and have a good new year!

Pagan Spirit Compilation III at Bandcamp

Pagan Spirit Compilation III

Mentioned by metal youtuber Tigga in his 500 subscriber special

Metal Youtuber Tigga is doing a german special about Black and Pagan Metal to celebrate his 500 subscribers, in which we are also represented. Thanks for that!

Also there are colleagues from Helgrindur, Anheim, Tot aus dem Wald, Steckbeckenzecken, Daray and In Dying Times.

Our Spotify annual stats

Spotify has created an annual review with numbers relating to our album "Wo uralte Wasser fließen". The album has been on Spotify for a little over a year now and songs from it have now been streamed over 22,000 times by more than 5,000 different listeners in 74 countries! We are of course happy that our music has listeners all over the world and we look forward to playing live again next year.

Spotify stats

Second Home tapes are sold out

The 50 copies of the Second Home livetape are now completely sold out. We thank all buyers for their support! CDs of the Blakylle debut album "Wo uralte Wasser fließen" are still available in our webshop.

Livetapes sold out now

Blakylle interview at MetalZone Facebook underground-zine

The MetalZone-Zine conducted a german Facebook interview with Blakylle founder and guitarist Sandro about Covid-19 and how it affects us as a band. You can find the interview on Facebook here.

Blakylle Interview at MetalZone-Zine

New drummer

Drummer Constantin left the band in summer 2020 and has been replaced by Alexander (former Mindreaper). There was no bad blood between Constantin, we parted amicably and wish him all the best on his further way!

New Blakylle drummer Alex

"Wald- und Wiesenkonzert" canceled

After the Godless Mountain, the gig at Schwarzen Bär Worms was canceled due to the pandemy. A catch-up date next spring is being sought.

Godless Mountain canceled

Unfortunately we just found out that Godless Mountain had to be canceled by the organizer. Here is the official statement:

Godless Mountain Statement

New concert: HMN Festival 2021

When: 13 Aug 2021
Where: HMN Festival - 38889 Heimburg
Line-up: Blakylle, Bloody Invasion, Convictive, Extinct, Hangatyr, King Leoric, Obscurity, Path of Destiny, The Bøneshakers, Warkings, XIV Dark Centuries, Zero Degree
HMN Festival 2021 Flyerthumb

"WüMeets Schwarze Liga Akt 1" canceled

Unfortunately we have to announce another cancellation due to Covid-19. This time for the "WüMeets Schwarze Liga Akt 1", which should have taken place in Würzburg in september.

With May 8th, 2021 there is already a catch-up date.

New live video released

Although Covid19 has already cost us a few gigs, we didn't want to be idle and uploaded an unpublished live recording for you.

The concert was recorded in April 2019 at Second Home Ennerich and we hope it helps you to bridge the time until the concert scene starts again!


0:00 - Aesir

4:37 - Wo uralte Wasser fließen

10:15 - Weiser Mann

15:44 - Windmal

20:00 - Der Stab

24:51 - Skalde

29:33 - Die Frauen vom bleichen Wald

34:03 - Wanderer

New concert: Schwarzburger Metalwiese V

When: 25 Jun 2022
Where: Festwiese Berka - 99706 Sondershausen
Line-up: Amthrya, Blakylle, Enisum, Grabak, Hangatyr, Macbeth, Madenfraß, Nameless Death, Pilsator, Pure Massacre, TavaroN, The Crimson Ghosts
Schwarzburger Metalwiese V Flyerthumb

Schwarzburger Metalwiese canceled

Unfortunately there is another pandemy cancellation: The Schwarzburger Metalwiese cannot take place this year. The festival, which actually should took place on 26-27. June, was postponed to 2021.

New Spotify Playlist with Pagan Metal bands that sing in german

We've created a German Pagan Metal Spotify Playlist that consists exclusively of Pagan Metal bands with german lyrics.

The list will be updated continuously and that's why we need your input about missing artists. So have a look and leave a like if you want to!

Spotify Playlist with german singing Pagan Metal bands

Second Home concert canceled

Now it has happened to us too: The concert at Second Home Ennerich, which was supposed to take place on May 30th, is the first Blakylle gig that had to be canceled due to the pandemy. Is of course a shame but understandable.

With a bit of luck, Second Home may reopen soon, so support it as much as you can!

Blakylle among the top 10 at the Sonic Seducer Battle of the Bands!

We reached 10th out of 30 in the Sonic Seducer Battle of the Bands. We thank you all for your support!

Blakylle among the top 10 at the Sonic Seducer Battle of the Bands!

"Wo uralte Wasser fließen" available at the Trollzorn Records shop

Trollzorn Records has added our debut album "Wo uralte Wasser fließen" to their webshop. We like to thank them for their great support!

"Wo uralte Wasser fließen" at the Trollzorn Records webshop

Metalzone recommends our current album

In the “Metalzone empfiehl” section of the german Facebook page of the same name, our current album “Wo uralte Wasser fließen” is mentioned. We thank Metalzone for the support!

Interview and album check in the new Moshpit Passion magazine

"Adrian von Totgehört kann nicht nur geile Vlogs zum Thema Metal machen, sondern auch richtig gute Musik mit einer Band! Wer also für die kalte Jahreszeit gut gemachten Pagan Metal sucht, der wird hier fündig. Ein tolles Debüt mit bleibenden positiven Eindruck."

The latest edition of the german Moshpit Passion metal magazine has been available since friday. In the magazine you will find an interview with Blakylle band founder Sandro and a moshcheck on "Wo uralte Wasser fließen". This great underground zine definitely deserves our full support!

Blakylle Interview at Moshpit Passion

Album review at Dark Siffler

Metal YouTuber Dark Siffler will review our album "Wo uralte Wasser fließen" today in his 8pm show from the category "aMaßMetal - Latenight 2020". So tune in!

Blakylle on Metal Only

Next Monday, January 20th, we will be represented in the Metal Only show "Newcomer Stage" from 6:00 pm.

Since the Metal Only web radio has been around for 13 years, we are of course particularly pleased to have the support of this metal institution!

Blakylle on Metal Only web radio