News and announcements of the band

New concert: Schwarzburger Metalwiese III

When: 27 June 2020
Where: Festwiese Berka - 99706 Sondershause

New concert: Nebelforst Night II

When: 02 November 2019
Where: JuBiKuz Hans Böckler - 63450 Hanau

Lyricvideo of a brand new Blakylle track released

We've just released a lyric video of "Skalde", a song from our upcoming album. Check it out if you like Pagan Metal!

New concert: Schwalm Metal Open Air

When: 23 August 2019
Where: Sägewerk Neukirchen - 34626 Neukirchen

New blog article: Two new livevideos

There are two new liveclips of our concert at the Pagan Metal Night at Second Home - Ennerich.

Liverecord of the Second Home - Ennerich concert

Our singer Adrian has has made the effort to release a live recording of our concert at the Pagan Metal Night at Second Home - Ennerich (July 2018) on cassette tape in cardboard slipcase.

- Aesir
- Wo uralte Wasser fließen
- Weiser Mann
- Windmal
- Der Stab
- Wanderer

The cassette version is limited to 50 copies and available at our webshop!

New concert: Blakylle & Grindhouse – Second Home Live Konzert

When: 13 April 2019
Where: Second Home - 65594 Ennerich

New blog article: Live performance of "Wo uralte Wasser fliessen"

There's a new video of the performance of "Wo uralte Wasser fließen" at the pagan metal night at Second Home Ennerich!

New concert: Second Home Live Konzert Vol. 07

When: 21 July 2018
Where: Second Home - 65594 Ennerich

New concert: Feasting on Metal

When: 22 September 2018
Where: JUZ - Alt Anspach - 61267 Neu-Anspach