The Blakylle band-history

Blakylle (Current line-up)

Blakylle is a german pagan metal band, originally founded in Leer (East Frisia) and meanwhile based in Fulda - Germany.

Guitarist and songwriter Sandro (ex- Munas Breed and Krew) started the project in 2014. Inspired by bands such as the late Bathory, early Amon Amarth, Enslaved, Helheim or Helrunar, the main intention behind Blakylle has always been a coalescence of atmospheric black – and melodic death metal, with lyrics referring to germanic paganism related topics.

A lenghty search for musicians finally resulted in a nicely matching line up, including Mumme (Drums – previously: King Carrion and Chateau), Frank (Bass – previously: To Kill) and Flo (Vocals). You can listen to a selection of demo song under the menu item "Music".

Due to the Band’s head and songwriter Sandro moving, Blakylle had been looking for a new line up, which was completed by march 2018.

The new line up are Adrian (Vocals, former Goremorrha, owner of Totgehört webzine), Constantin (Drums - former Krew and Crimorian) and Albert (Bass, also Junkyard Jesus, former Rock Cock Rodeo)

Blakylle (Old line-up - dec. 2015)

Band Founder Sandro

(f.l.t.r) Adrian (Vocals), Albert (Bass), Sandro (Guitar), Constantin (Drums)